Friday, April 17, 2009

So I was driving to work this morning and listening to WOR710 on AM because im 55 years old, but because I could not bear to listen to Lady GAGA sing poker face on loop anymore, and I don't even know whose show I was listening to but they were discussing a letter that PETA had sent to the, vegetarian, Mayor of Newark, NJ. In this letter they asked him to ban the construction of all new fast food restaurants in Newark, citing that the availability of and the proximity to fast food restaurants causes obesity in children (and adults).

So the argument was and still is..whose fault is it that people are obese? Is it the fast food restaurants fault because it exists...or is it the consumers fault for..well consuming? I think economics prove the relationship between supply and demand here...if no one was demanding whoppers..would Burger King still be making them? Probably not. If people stopped eating at McDonald's they would probably stop opening new franchises. I think in this day and age, no one can say they didn't know a Big Mac would make them fat.. I think we're all pretty educated about what we are eating, and if we are not then thats where parents' and the governments focus should be.

Anyway I think PETA is nuts, and no way should Government be controlling any of this anymore than they already are because even though off hand it seems like a great quick solution to a problem we dont know how to solve...but in the end I think it would just be a gateway for government to grow and get bigger and control even more than they already do. The mayor of Newark could tell us about the pro's of being a vegetarian, and the cons of eating fast food, but no way should he actually be controlling what people eat. If they want to be fat, let them, and if you dont want them to be fat, educate them to not want it themselves and we can end the demand.

Ugh...dont freedom fries mean anything anymore?

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