Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pratt Open Studios

Polina invited me to Pratt Open Studios yesterday..and as usual I like her art the best, and not because shes my friend but because I think shes incredibly talented..and I love the way that her style has evolved these past ten years. Below are some of her paintings and some other works from the open studio. You can see more of her work (and nicer photos of it on her facebook page). 

I like this so much

This is one of my favorite of her self portraits..for a few reasons, but especially because of the red eye which I think makes this painting.

And here's what else I saw at open studios..

My friend pointed out that this has an Edgar Allan Poe feel to it..and...he doesssssss have a story called "The Eye".. so maybe that was the inspiration here
This is really super cool..I love it and it only looks better upclose 
Close up:

Love this

Not art..but almost!

PINKKK..i dunno
You guys look like happy swimmers

Hes in the gang..

Some islamic undertones..

Done with pencil..

Fun?? Hotel lobby wall deco? No?

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