Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From Book To Film

I have never read a Brett Easton Ellis novel until I recently, randomly picked up a copy of The Informers which was definitely a fun read. 

Oddly enough it seems someone else thought this was a fun read and they decided to make it into a movie..which is coming out soon!

Heres the preview:

Cant wait to see it..if you like rich spoiled kids, drugs, sex and vampires you should be excited too =)

Aside from American Psycho..another one of his books was made into a movie in 1987. 

Less Than Zero stars Andrew McCarthy & Robert Downy Jr....and like everything else related to Brett Easton Ellis is fun..

Brett Easton Ellis has announced that hes is working on Part 2 of the movie in which he plans to reunite the original cast and show us where they end up 20 years later. He is planning on the movie getting a release date sometime  in 2010 ... and I guess well get to see if Julian Wells rises from the grave or not =)

Happy Watching...


  1. The Informer's trailer looks sweet, definitely a motley cast, half washed up, pretty cool, haven't seen less than zero but I'm gonna have to check it out