Friday, February 19, 2010

How Parisians Stay Thin

"David A. Edwards, Professor of the Practice of Biomedical Engineering Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences is the lead creator of Le Whif. 
The Le Whif team believe that Le Whif has “rediscovered the act of eating.” The process shouldn't be confused with smelling the chocolate - the mouth is used to inhale a fine chocolate powder which enters your mouth and remains there. It’s been pointed out that the joy of chocolate is in eating it; otherwise people would have been sniffing the stuff instead, or possibly going in for a dose of cocoa powder. However, the Le Whif team believe this is “a great way to curb your appetite” and say that “chocolate is only the beginning” - even envisioning a future where we might be inhaling our food three times a day.
In the 200 milligrams of fine chocolate powder contained in Le Whif there is only one calorie. Having almost zero calories, they believe it could also be used as a dieting tool."
They forgot that chewing is fun too

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