Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So apparently Leonardo Dicaprio is producing the movie Blink based on Malcolm Gladwells bestseller of the same name. 

Blink  is a non-fiction collection of short snippets and factoids which prove the authors opinion that first impressions are usually correct and that on average it takes a person a maximum of 3o seconds to size up a situation or person to form an opinion about them. 

From reauters:

"The connection to the book is that the son has the Blink qualities that Gladwell discusses: He can size up people and situations on a dime. Recognizing this ability, his father wants to help the boy find himself while at the same time using him to make some dough on Wall Street."

Hmm Al Pacino is in talks to star as the dad in the lead role. Kinda excited to see the trailer..def dont know about the movie but I like all the Gladwell books/articles. 

This is the  link to the article that lead to the book "The Tipping Point" 

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